Courtois NeuroModΒΆ


This documentation corresponds to the cneuromod-2020-alpha2 release. It contains most of the data to be included in the 2020 official realease. The quality of the raw and processed data has not yet been extensively tested, and may still be subject to changes.

The Courtois project on Neural Modelling (Courtois NeuroMod) aims at training artificial neural networks using extensive experimental data on individual human brain activity and behaviour. Six subjects (three women, three men) are getting scanned weekly for five years, for a total of 500 hours of functional data per subject, including functional localizers (vision, language, memory, emotion), movies and video game play. Functional neuroimaging data are collected with both functional magnetic resonance imaging, magnetoencephalography and a variety of sensors (including electrodermal activity and occulometry).

Courtois NeuroMod data are freely shared with the scientific community to advance research at the interface of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

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